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The Blaucel Project

We are committed to being a model company for how business of the future must be done in order to sustain our beautiful planet. We strive to help guide the retail evolution towards a more eco-friendly model.

Our Mission
With the health of our oceans anchoring our mission, Blaucel represents a call for accessible, sustainable business. We strive to distribute a product with environmental consciousness, transparency, and style that people all around the world can feel good about using.
Reshaping business with sustainable materials

Blaucel towels are made of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% organic cotton. The use of these two fabrics requires less water, land, carbon dioxide emissions, and none of the harmful pesticides needed by conventional cotton production. These fabrics are also completely biodegradable and plastic-free, unlike microfiber or polyester towels.

Blending these two eco-friendly fibers creates a towel that is durable, lightweight, and silky soft. Bamboo fiber is also antimicrobial and fast-drying, so it is less likely to harbor unpleasant germs and odors. It keeps you dry by absorbing moisture from your skin, making it the perfect towel for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

More than a beach towel

Home of the bamboo beach towel, Blaucel is where luxury meets sustainability. Our aesthetic designs and functional versatility allow our beach towels to be doubled as a sarong, picnic blanket, or antimicrobial yoga towel. Our love for the ocean has helped us develop a comfortable, convenient, eco-friendly product that can accompany you on all your adventures.

"So soft! Besides being a great towel, it also can be a great little blanket. Perfect for travel too, because it is not bulky and is light-weight!"


Bamboo can grow on about 70% of Earth's land area and is one of the most renewable resources to exist on Earth. Bamboo fiber uses less land, water, and pesticides than conventional cotton towels, and is also biodegradable unlike polyester or microfiber towels.


Bamboo fiber is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it is less likely to harbor unpleasant germs and odors. When worn, it keeps you dry by absorbing moisture from your skin. This is the perfect towel for sensitive or allergy prone skin.

Lightweight & fast-drying

Our towels' lightweight design makes them compact, fast-drying, and ideal for spontaneous trips.


The combination of bamboo fiber and organic cotton creates a very strong weave that allows you to enjoy them for longer.


Bamboo fiber is extremely soft, and when combined with organic cotton leaves you with a silky smooth feel. You will want to wrap it around yourself not only as a towel, but as a sarong or shawl too!

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